A slow wind down…

It is day three of our adventure.  I’m currently sat in my swivel passenger chair, with my feet up on the driver’s seat.  French music is playing on the radio. Buddy is in the foot well, snoring.  The kids are playing in the park – I can see them, blushed and happy as they challenge each to another daring feat.

We have just finished an alfresco lunch of French stick, chicken, boiled eggs and various cheeses.  Our bread was ordered last night, along with our fresh croissants, to be collected each morning by one of the kids.  A total of 6 Euro’s brings such joy!

This morning we took a leisurely stroll to the beach through a private shaded path from the campsite. As we stumbled over the white sand dunes we were greeted to a 4km beach with just a handful of early morning joggers and a few dog walkers.  With our shoes in our hands, we paddled through clear, cool waters where hermit crabs were busy going about their business and white shells lapped the shore.  I stopped to take a picture of Lola looking relaxed, as a French stroller stopped to ask if we would like our photo taken together.  It is the first ‘all family’ photo we have of our new adventure.  I am genuinely happy at this moment, if not a little overweight (Note to self: Limit the French sticks!).

Chris has just returned from cycling to the Post Office to send our first postcards to loved one’s – only to find the Post Office closed.  He cycled a further 3 miles to the Supermarket undeterred – only to be told that the Post Office is the only establishment permitted to sell stamps.  Strangely, he seems rather happy with this news – not that he needs another excuse to go out cycling tomorrow!

In the morning we plan to pack up and head South to Carnac to see the Menhir rocks, stopping at a free Aire for one night.  It will be interesting to see how we fare without the basic luxuries of campsite facilities.  Thankfully I have packed candles and head torches!

On route we hope to stop and purchase two more bicycles for Lola and I – Chris is adamant that electric bikes are too heavy for the van, despite protests from us girls.  We shall see who wins this little tete a tete… (I will keep you posted).

Every evening we continue to practice our pigeon French.  Chris is leading the way at the moment, closely followed by Jonah. Lola unfortunately lacks a little confidence whereas I am struggling to ditch the Del Boy Trotter accent.  It seems I am better suited to the guttural sounds of a German Tongue.  I am determined that we will all improve though.  It is important to be able to converse with our neighbours – even if it is to pass comment on the weather or apologise for our dog.

Overall, the last three days have passed without incident or drama.  We have settled quickly into life in a Motorhome.  I am acutely aware that everything is a novelty at the moment however – it will be interesting to see how we deal with the bijou living in a month’s time.  My bruised legs and head are a sign that I still need to adjust!

But as the sun shines I am finally starting to unwind.  It has taken a lot of hard work to get here.  I keep reminding myself that there are no more ‘to do’ lists and that it is perfectly acceptable to relax.  I’m sure it will take a few more weeks before I really let go of the old ‘coiled’ me, to welcome in the new ‘carefree’ replacement (if it ever happens!).

Now I’m off to sweep the floor for the hundredth time today!…

Martine x

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