Blogs – Follow our Story

BLOG 1:  Some People Dream About it, Some People Talk About it….And Some People DO IT!

BLOG 2: Our Last Day at The Cottage

BLOG 3: Our First Night in The Motorhome

BLOG 4: Bon Voyage – The Hardest Goodbye’s

BLOG 5: A slow wind down…

BLOG 6: Ablutions and Sanitation!

BLOG 7:  Feeling 10 Again!

BLOG 8:  It Rains in France too

BLOG 9:  Learning to like one another again

BLOG 10:  The little things….

BLOG 11:  A Turning Point….And A Right Turn!

BLOG 12:  The Sky is Falling Down!

BLOG 13:  Calamity Chris!

BLOG 14:  The Gift of a Letter…

BLOG 15:  A Product of our own Environment?

BLOG 16:  Chicken Thighs and Chuckle Brothers!

BLOG 17:  So? What about their Education?

BLOG 18:  Why my husband is a better person than me…

BLOG 19:  Dog Tales

BLOG 20:  From Riches to Rags – A Tale of Two Campsites

BLOG 21:  Festive Fun in the Sun

BLOG 22:  New Year, New Friends

BLOG 23:  Life is too short

BLOG 24:  Ocean Spray…

BLOG 25: What do you want to be?

BLOG 26: The Alchemist

BLOG 27: Why we will always choose a travelling education for our children

BLOG 28: Why it’s okay to be selfish – at least once in your life!

BLOG 29:  Decisions, Decisions…

BLOG 30:  We’re heading home!

BLOG 31:  Our Last Stop: The Somme

BLOG 32:  A Month of Rain

BLOG 33: Nicaragua? Why?

BLOG 34: A Whole New World – Our First Impressions of Nicaragua

BLOG 35: Throwing Spaghetti Against the Wall

BLOG 36: Pigs in Bags (Not Blankets!)

BLOG 37: 45 Days of Sunshine (and a little bit of Rain)

BLOG 38: La Chocolata Road

BLOG 39: Goodnight Fairyland

BLOG 40: Time for the Truth

BLOG 41: No Regrets

BLOG 42: The End.

BLOG 43: White Noise

BLOG 44: But for the Grace of God, Go I

BLOG 45:  Make way for Mohobo

BLOG 46: Full Circle

BLOG 47: No more, Pied Piper, no more.

BLOG 45: When life throws you lemons…

BLOG 46: Everything is impossible until it happens (THE LAST ONE!)